Benefits Package

Experience Credit is granted for all previous full time teaching in accredited schools under contract in accordance with state and local guidelines. Pro Rata credit is given if work was at least half-time. Successful completion of designated professional activities is a requirement for annual advancement on the school division’s teacher salary scale.

Master’s Degree Supplement of $2,112 is paid to teachers with a Master’s Degree earned at an accredited institution if documented by August 31st.

Retirement Plan: Teachers are covered by Social Security and the Virginia Retirement System. Employees pay the going rate for Social Security. Each teacher is responsible for 5% of his or her monthly creditable compensation for his or her VRS contribution. The School Board's contribution rate is calculated by the VRS actuary every two years. It is based on the funds needed to pay for the cost of benefits and outstanding liabilities. Continued participation in the county health insurance plan is also available for retirees.

Extra Pay: Pay based on extra duties is available for teachers in areas of extracurricular activities and instructional leadership.

Health Insurance: The School Board offers comprehensive insurance (Optima) at a reduced rate to all full time employees. The county pays the major portion each year of the premium for the employee’s insurance.

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Group Health, Dental and Vision Insurance: 
Innovative Insurance Group, LLC
Sam Irby, (434) 676-9496 or [email protected]
Karen Hawks, (434) 676-9496 or [email protected]

Flexible Benefit Plan:  Charlotte County Public Schools offers eligible employees an IRS Section 125 Approved Flexible Benefit Plan. This plan allows employees sizable tax benefits for non-reimbursable medical and child care expenses.

Health Savings Account
Health Equity, Inc. 
1 (866) 346-5800

Flexible Spending Accounts, COBRA Administration: 
Benefit Solutions, Inc. 
Linda A. Meyerhoffer, (804) 379-5898 or [email protected]

Life Insurance: A teacher has a term life insurance equal to twice their salary. This benefit amount doubles in the event of accidental death (4 X Salary). This is provided through the VRS with the School Board paying the premium for the employee. Optional, additional insurance is also available through VRS.

Supplemental Insurance Plans (Cancer, Life, Intensive Care, Accident, Disability):


Washington National Ins. Co.

Lincoln Baringer, (330) 592-0953 or [email protected]

License Fees:  Charlotte County Public Schools provides payment for actions required by the School Board on employed teacher licenses. Original license, as well as, recertification costs are the responsibility of the individual.

Personal Leave:  Teachers who work at least six months are entitled to three days of personal leave per year. Unused personal leave days are added to the employee’s accumulated sick leave. Twelve-month teachers earn annual leave days.

Sick Leave Plan: Teachers may accrue up to 200 sick leave days earned at the rate of one day per month worked. Sick leave credits are transferable from other school divisions within the Commonwealth. Up to $35.00 per day is paid for unused sick leave at retirement. A voluntary sick leave bank is available to help protect against catastrophic illness or injury – please apply if interested.

Direct Deposit: Employee pay is direct deposited into a checking or savings account on the last working day of each month. Appropriate deductions for taxes, health plan, annuities, credit union, dues, etc. are handled through the payroll department. Employees working ten months are normally paid in twelve pay installments. If the length of employment reduces a month or more, the number of pay installments will be cut back.

Liability Insurance:  The School Board carries a first rate liability insurance policy for our teachers. Also, workers compensation and unemployment insurance are provided.

403(b) Retirement Program: If you are interested in creating a retirement nest egg, consider investing in our 403(b) retirement program. A 403(b) plan is a tax-deferred retirement program that enables you to save for retirement on a pretax basis. Contributions are deducted directly from your paycheck, ensuring you will always make your payment. A current list of approved investment providers is available. We encourage you to contact each vendor for information about their 403(b) products and services so you can decide which one is best suited for your needs.

403-b, 457, Deferred Compensation:

  • Virginia Retirement Specialists, Inc.
  • Mike McBurney, (877) 378-8278 or [email protected]

Other Available Resources for Employees Include:

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VRS Retirement Analysis:

  • Virginia Retirement Specialists, Inc.
  • Mike McBurney, (877) 378-8278 or [email protected]

Special Pay Plan:
GWN Securities/VALIC
Tom Ely, (276) 228-5535 or [email protected]

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