Our Mission for Instruction at CCPS

The Charlotte County Public School system's mission is to cultivate

"21st Century - Ready" students and staff with a passion for life-long learning.

Goals For a Long Term Education Plan

  • Implement a nationally recognized, child-centered instructional program to ensure ALL students successfully complete an appropriate program of study.

  • Ensure a full and successful implementation of all current state and national legislation.
  • Create indoor and outdoor learning environments that will be modern, state of the art facilities.
  • Facilitate the community's renewed trust in, investment in, and benefit from public education.



Charlotte County Public Schools is dedicated to its mission “to cultivate 21st Century globally competitive student leaders”. Our teachers and administrators strive to provide engaging instruction, focusing on relevance and rigor. During this school year, our instructional staff will be examining the curriculum and lesson plans, assuring that the written, taught, and assessed components are properly aligned, not only for the content, but also for incorporating higher levels thinking skills, such as creative thinking, problem solving, accessing, analyzing and applying information, and effective communication and collaboration. These skills, along with integration of technology into daily instruction, are essential for success.


The division continues its CASHE (Connecting All Student to Higher Education) initiative with the goal of 100% of Randolph-Henry High School students participating in postsecondary educational options. This program provides resources and activities in all grades (PK-12) and maintains a CASHE Student Record Card for each student to assist with ongoing career and instructional planning at all grade levels.


All employees of Charlotte County Public Schools strive to provide a safe, nurturing learning environment necessary for effective instruction and student success. Thanks to the cooperative and dedicated efforts of our School Board, Charlotte County Public School employees, parents, business and community leaders, Board of Supervisors, and, most of all, our students, our division continues to thrive.


Detailed Information about Charlotte County Public Schools’ performance may be found on the VDOE's Virginia School Report.



Charlotte County Public Schools educates approximately 1,900 children in three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The public school system has emerged as a strong, rural school division due to its outstanding teachers, advanced technology, solid test scores, and philosophy of putting children first. Our schools and their accomplishments challenge the myths and damage the stereotypes that can haunt rural education. We build upon our uniqueness and our many achievements to create even more avenues for success. Our success as a school division can only be measured by the success of our students' productivity and competitive ability within the global marketplace. We strive to empower them as they move quickly into the 21st century.


Randolph-Henry High School's graduation rate has exceeded 95% over the last 3 years.

  • 60% of Charlotte County's teachers hold a Masters Degree in Education
  • 9% of the high school seniors attend the Southside Virginia Governor's School for Global Economics and Technology.
  • 50% of eligible elementary students attend Longwood University's Gifted and Talented Summer Program annually.
  • 54% of the high school juniors and seniors participate in the Dual Enrollment Program enrolling in and passing an average of 250 college classes each year with superior ratings. 
  • Randolph-Henry High School was designated a Blue Ribbon School by the national publication, Redbook Magazine.



  • Charlotte County Public Schools offer students a comprehensive education focused on basic academic skills, problem-solving, decision making, communication, and technology. A full range of course offerings is available to all high school students.
  • The Dual Enrollment Program offers high school students the opportunity to enroll in college-level classes, which also meet high school graduation requirements while simultaneously earning college credits. An average of 250 students participate yearly and many students have graduated with an Associates Degree prior to receiving their high school diploma.
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