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CCPS Innovative Teachers

January/February 2024

Bacon District Elementary

Principal: Mrs. Anne Snead

Bacon’s Innovative Teacher Award for January/February is Katlyn Hudson! Mrs. Hudson teaches 4th and 5th Grade math! Mrs. Hudson uses multiple ways to teach math concepts. One of the Math lessons that stands out was entitled “Escape the Jungle.” The students were given a maze sheet, which had a starting point and an ending point. It also had “roads” that led them astray. The students had to make their way through the jungle by finding the least common denominator of the given set of fractions. The students’ answers would either lead them to or away from the correct exit out of the jungle. There are QR codes at the exits. If you are at the wrong exit, it would say, “Try again.” If you take the right exit it says, “Congratulations! You found your way out!” Along the way, there were survival supplies they could pick up. Talk about innovative learning! Mrs. Hudson uses authentic activities like the one previously described to help students connect to math concepts. She adds technology, like using the QR code, to engage the students in learning. She insists on students reflecting on their thought processes, encouraging them to consider how they approach learning. Through self-reflection, students were able to articulate to Mrs. Hudson both the pleasures and difficulties they encountered in mastering multiplication facts. Whether through her diverse teaching methods or her ability to inspire students to persevere, Katlyn Hudson deserves recognition as Bacon's Innovative Teacher!

Central Middle School

Principal: Mrs. Jessica Pillow

Asst. Principal:  Mrs. Pamela Archer

Congratulations to Mrs. Corrine Haskins for being named Innovative Teacher for January/February.  Mrs. Haskins sponsors several clubs at CMS and works hard to make sure that the students have fun and learn new things when attending those clubs.  She works hard to ensure students in her classroom are engaged and learning by searching for new and fun activities.  For example, she used a hands-on clay activity to help the students understand and learn about the writing process.  In addition, students participated in a snowball writing activity where they wrote a paragraph, crumbled the paper up, and threw it to the front of the class. Students then come and pick one of the “snowballs “and continue writing from that person’s story. Mrs. Haskins has also learned about the pros and cons of AI (artificial Intelligence) in the classroom. She used her knowledge to plan and implement a professional development session for division staff.

Eureka Elementary

Principal:  Mr. Brian Hamilton

Asst. Mrs. Ashley Overstreet

I am pleased to let everyone know that Mrs. Allison Sands is being recognized as the Eureka Innovative Teacher for the months of January and February.  Her second graders made a 'quilt' for Black History Month, which was placed outside of her classroom door and is still there for everyone to see.  Throughout the month of January/February, her students researched and learned about different famous African Americans. The class added little by little to the quilt as they completed their research.  Mrs. Sands also had her students wear a lanyard with a picture of the person they chose to research for the week.  They wore the lanyard so other teachers and school staff could ask the students to share what they learned about the famous African Americans they researched.  Each week they switched to a different person until the end of February.  Since February is over, the quilt is now complete and remains on display outside of Mrs. Sands' classroom!  Please join me in congratulating Mrs. Sands on coming up with an innovative way of having her students research famous African Americans, working on oral language skills by presenting information about the individual they selected answering questions about them, and uniquely displaying that information outside of the classroom!

Phenix Elementary

Principal:  Mr. Danny Richardson

Ms. Rudder, a 5th-grade science teacher at Phenix Elementary School, epitomizes innovation in education. With a keen eye for integrating technology into her lessons, Ms. Rudder utilizes the Promethean board to bring complex scientific concepts to life, engaging her students in interactive discussions and visual demonstrations. Additionally, she harnesses the power of computer applications like EdPuzzle to create customized learning experiences tailored to each student's needs, allowing for differentiated instruction and real-time feedback. Beyond her mastery of technology, what truly sets Ms. Rudder apart is her caring attitude toward the students she works with. She fosters a supportive classroom environment where every student feels valued and encouraged to explore their curiosity. During a recent observation, her caring attitude was evident as she patiently explained the material in different ways until each student understood. This personalized approach not only helped struggling students but also created a supportive classroom atmosphere where every student felt valued and supported in their learning journey. Ms. Rudder's innovative teaching methods, coupled with her genuine concern for her students' well-being, not only inspire a love for science but also instill invaluable life skills in her young learners at Phenix Elementary School.

Randolph-Henry High School

Principal:  Mrs. Erin Davis

Asst. Principal:  Mrs. Mary Jane Cook

Asst. Principal:  Mr. Christopher Holt

Randolph-Henry High School proudly recognizes Shannon Hammock and Tara Toombs as the Innovative Teachers of the Month for January/ February. Serving as co-teaching partners for Algebra I, Hammock and Toombs exemplify collaboration in meeting the diverse needs of their students. Their seamless teamwork is evident in their innovative instructional approach, making math an engaging and enjoyable experience. Integrating online math games, iPads, and interactive problem-solving on dry-erase board tables, they fosters an environment where students actively participate and take ownership of their learning. Consistently observed with high levels of engagement, task focus, and a sense of responsibility, Ms. Hammock and Mrs. Toombs set a standard of attainability while upholding high expectations in the classroom. These teachers not only display innovation in their mathematics instruction, but they serve as role models for co-teaching.  

Exciting news from the Charlotte County School Board meeting on March 12, 2024! Mrs. Ann Franklin, our incredible GED teacher and transitions coordinator, received the prestigious Spirit Award for her outstanding work in rehabilitative education. Kudos, Mrs. Franklin! Additionally, a huge shoutout to the RHHS Wrestling team for their phenomenal achievements at the district, regional, and state levels this year. Your hard work and dedication have truly paid off!
Congratulations to Karen Thompson, Sharon Card, and Samantha Maxey for Excellence in Educational Technology!
In a world where technology is rapidly transforming the landscape of education, it's crucial to recognize those who are leading the charge in integrating innovative tools and methods into the classroom. This sentiment rings true for Karen Thompson, Sharon Card, and Samantha Maxey, who have recently been honored with prestigious awards from the Southern Virginia Regional Technology Consortium (SVRTC) on March 14, 2024, for their outstanding contributions to educational technology in Charlotte County.
Mrs. Karen Thompson, known for her unwavering commitment to enhancing instructional technology, has been awarded the Instructional Technology Support Award. Through her dedication and expertise, Mrs. Thompson has effectively integrated technology into the curriculum, providing students and teachers with dynamic and engaging learning experiences that cater to diverse learning styles.
Sharon Card, recognized for her exceptional technical support skills, has been awarded the Technology Support Award. Whether troubleshooting technical issues or providing valuable training sessions for staff, Mrs. Card's proficiency and resourcefulness have been instrumental in ensuring the smooth operation of technology within the school environment.
Samantha Maxey has been honored with the esteemed Technology Teacher Award for her exemplary efforts in leveraging technology to facilitate student learning. Mrs. Maxey's innovative teaching methods and creative use of educational technology tools have empowered students to explore, create, and excel in their academic pursuits.
Together, these remarkable educators represent the forefront of educational technology innovation in Charlotte County, inspiring both their colleagues and students alike to embrace the limitless possibilities that technology offers in the realm of education.
Congratulations once again to Karen Thompson, Sharon Card, and Samantha Maxey on this well-deserved recognition!
SVRTC 2024
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